Smethport Area High School (1975, Honor’s Student), Smethport, PA
AS, Pre-Fisheries (1977, named “Outstanding Graduating Student”) Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington
BS, Fisheries Science (cum laude, 1980), University of Washington, Seattle, WA
MS, Fisheries and Wildlife Science (1983), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA MS Thesis: “Production ecology of brook trout in the James River Basin, Virginia”


Consulting scientist 2015-present.  Provide scientific support and expert testimony on fish and land uses issues.

King County Department Natural Resources and Parks 1990-2015
Since 1990, Gino was a lead senior scientist and/or project manager for many of King County’s contemporary actions to assess, manage and protect and restore salmon and aquatic resources. This work involved development and management of projects to: a) characterize and assess effects of land and water use on fish and other aquatic habitats and on fish habitat and stream and watershed ecology, b) develop high-level guidance on strategies for protection and restoration of fish and aquatic habitats, c) provide senior-level technical analysis and expert input on fish, habitat and land use regulation, management and policy. Key projects include: federally-approved Programmatic Habitat Assessment (PHA) of the County’s floodplain land use for ESA compliance; Conceived and managed EPA-grant-funded research program to assess land use regulation effectiveness in nine watersheds over five years; Development of the County’s Agricultural Waterways Salmon-based Classification System; Critical Areas Ordinance and Best Available Science for Aquatic Areas; Tri-County Salmon Recovery Plan; Return of the Kings: A Comprehensive Review of Programs, Projects and Regulations and their effects on ESA-listed Chinook salmon; NOAA-approved Biological Review Panel for ESA; Identification of Core Areas for Chinook salmon; Chapters on watershed and reach characterization and strategies for habitat protection and restoration for 2008 Shoreline Master Plan Update; Technical support for Cedar River Legacy and Waterways 2000 Open Space Protection Plans and Programs; The Lower Cedar River and Hylebos-Lower Puget Sound Basin Plans; the 1990 and 2006 Flood Hazard Reduction Plans. Additionally, Gino was a member of WDNR TFW CMER Fish Research Steering Committee, Puget Sound Partnership’s Habitat and Land Use Team, FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) Natural Floodplain Functions National Committee, the USFWS Coastal Bull Trout Recovery Unit Team (RUT), WRIAs 7 & 8 Salmon Recovery Teams and is currently a member of the NMFS Puget Sound Steelhead Technical Recovery Team (TRT).

Tulalip Tribes 1983-1990
Developed, found funding for, supervised staff and managed a wide array of field programs to assess fish populations, habitat and water quality, and restore fish habitat in the Snohomish and Stillaguamish River Basins and associated marine waters. Responsible for projects to: a) assess timing and abundance of juvenile salmon in marine waters; b) assess impacts of the City of Everett’s Naval Homeport; c) trap, tag and assess variability among tributaries of production of coho smolts; e) assess agricultural impacts on water quality in the Snohomish and Snoqualmie Rivers; f) contract with the USFS to restore stream habitat; g) assess logging effects on temperature, habitat and fish populations in the Deer Creek watershed; and h) monitor adult steelhead migration timing and spawning. Also, provided technical input and representation on local and regional environmental and fish habitat management committees and issues and trained tribal members, junior staff and volunteers in fish, habitat and water quality monitoring.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 1982- 1983
As part of a team assessing predation on juvenile salmon in the Columbia River: a) designed and conducted experiments on predator digestion rates; designed, constructed and operated a unique water reuse system for live fish experiments; b) designed and oversaw construction of wet and dry lab facilities for Columbia River National field station; c) assisted in field collection of fishes for assessing predator food habits and digestion rates; d) operated boat electrofishers, gill nets, bottom trawls, beach seines, minnow traps, and water quality samplers; e) budgeted and administered capital projects to update lab facilities; and f) developed and presented oral presentations and written reports summarizing research.

Virginia Cooperative Fishery Research Unit 1980-1982
Responsible for a study of brook trout ecology in headwater streams. Also assisted substantially in studies on: a) competition between brook and brown trout; b) survival, growth and catchability of strains of hatchery rainbow trout; enzyme activity in wild trout; c) food habits of sympatric brook and rainbow trout populations and d) radiotelemetry of channel catfish. Developed and taught lab classes and tested students for the University’s Ichthyology course and was teaching assistant for courses on Fish and Wildlife Planning and Aquaculture.

US National Park Service 1980
Prepared and read scale samples from salmonid and non-game fishes collected in the North Cascades.

Washington Cooperative Fishery Research Unit & Univ. of WA 1978-1980
Assisted in projects, on: a) lake drawdown effects on largemouth bass and associated fishes – estimated fish populations, collected and analyzed fish stomach contents; operated boat electrofishers, fyke nets and beach seines and interviewed the public for creel surveys; b) estuarine habits of chinook and chum salmon – seined. netted, trapped fish, operated plankton sampling gear, used fluorescent dyes to mark fish; c) riparian canopy removal effects on distribution and movement of cutthroat trout in a tributary to the Bogachiel River – mapped habitat, marked and monitored movement of fish, sampled substrate and water chemistry; d) orientation and migration behavior of sockeye fry in the Weaver Creek/Harrison Lake system of British Columbia – collected and tested sockeye fry in remote conditions, and e) sewer outfall effluent effects on Lake Washington – sorted and identified benthic invertebrates and zooplankton from water and sediment samples.

U.S. Forest Service 1977-1980
Assessed fish populations, aquatic and riparian habitat, silviculture and timber; crew supervisor (trained and supervised stream, silviculture and timber survey crews); wrote timber sale Environmental Analysis reports and fish habitat Enhancement Plans

Center for Streamside Studies (UW, Seattle); WDAFS and Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium (Anchorage, AK); Salmon in the City (Mt Vernon, WA); Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon (Victoria, BC); Pacific Salmon and Their Ecosystems: Status and Future Options (Seattle, WA); Fish Steering Committee, Coordinated Monitoring and Research Committee (CMER), Timber-Fish-Wildlife Agreement; Native Issues and Their Impact on Resource Husbandry (AFS-NPIC Annual Mtg., New Westminster, BC); Stillaguamish Summit, Univ. of WA, Center for Streamside Studies (Seattle, WA); Deer Creek Coordinated Resource Management Planning; and the Natural Resources Youth Camp of Western Washington.

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