Welcome to my Science Website

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This website provides an overview of my education and experience over some 40 years as a fish biologist and environmental scientist. I started as a fisheries technician in 1977 working for the US Forest Service on the Soleduck Ranger District of the Olympic National Forest where I conducted the district’s first streams surveys and also led fish, forestry, and silviculture survey crews and fought fire. It was a great start to what has been a wonderful career.

Most recently, I wrapped up twenty-five rewarding years as a senior ecologist/environmental scientist for King County where I was fortunate to work on many of the County’s efforts to assess, protect and restore fish populations and their habitat as well as conduct wide-ranging monitoring, research and planning and provide technical support and guidance related to land use, environmental regulations and endangered species.

Between my start with the USFS and time with King County, I was fortunate to work with the Tulalip Indian Tribes, the USFWS and the Washington and Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research units getting valuable practical experience on habitats from large rivers, lakes, reservoirs to headwaters and fishes ranging from cold, cool and warm-water species in freshwater and marine environments.

My education emphasized a broad understanding not only of fish but also aquatic, landscape and watershed ecology, hydrology, fluvial and geomorphology, water quality, and statistics.

Over the years, I educated myself and worked on many facets of fish and environmental science. I have strived to use science to solve practical problems and to make it accessible and understandable to colleagues, decision-makers and interested citizens.  I was honored to be a part of Forterra’s Town Hall “Live Magazine” to talk about salmon homing and music, as described about halfway down in this wonderful article: Storytellers Celebrate the Pacific Northwest at Ampersand Live | Forterra

Please take a look around. If you have questions, would like to discuss a fish or environmental science issue or have a problem you think I may be able to help with please feel free to contact me at: ginolucchetti@yahoo.com .